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Simplifying International Shipping

Simplifying International Shipping

Fill out information about your international shipments to receive your Harmonised System Code.

Fill out information about your international shipments to receive your Harmonised System Code.

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Shipment Information

Harmonised System Code

Tell us about your goods.

We need more details about your contents.

When completing your commercial invoice include complete, accurate descriptions of every item of the shipment. One of the most common reasons for customs delays is an inaccurate or vague shipment description — but a detailed description can help speed up the clearance time and reduce delivery time.

Your description should answer the following questions:

  • What is it?
  • How many are there?
  • What is it made from?
  • What is the intended use?
Ensure that the commodity you are shipping is not prohibited/restricted in the destination country, or for carriage by FedEx. For FedEx international restrictions, please refer to the Service Guide.

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Use the following information to prepare your international shipment.

Harmonised System Code

Before shipping with us, please make sure to consult the list of items not acceptable for carriage by FedEx Express to any destination in section 8 of our Conditions of Carriage.
Note that additional restrictions may exist, depending on the destination of your shipment. Contact our Customer Service team in case of doubt.

Include export clearance instructions on your commercial invoice so your goods can be correctly declared to Customs in Luxembourg.

* Most shipments require only a commercial invoice and an air waybill (1 original and 2 copies of each) or in the case of freight shipments to U.S. and Mexico, a bill of lading. International Shipping Assist will provide you with a commercial invoice and you will get your air waybill when you connect to FedEx shipping tools. Note that other government agencies may require additional documentation for controlled, regulated or prohibited goods, regardless of value. It is also important to note that required documents frequently change based on items being shipped and the country of import. Please check the specific requirements for the destination country.

We also recommend that you:

  • Double-check by going to 'Find International Documents' by clicking on this link: https://www.fedex.com/FID (Note: Accessing this information requires a FedEx account number and password.).
  • After logging in:
    • Select the Destination Country/Territory
    • Select "Show all available documents"
    • Select the Shipment Type
    • Click "Continue" in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    This will allow you to see all possible documents along with their requirements.
  • Ask the recipient to check with the local Customs Authorities to find out if they are required to provide additional local documentation in order to receive their shipment.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this tool, but the content herein is for information purposes only, is subject to change as regulatory requirements change, and does not constitute legal advice in any matter whatsoever. You are urged to seek specific advice on matters of concern and not to rely solely on this tool.