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Harmonized System (HS) Code:

The Harmonized System is an internationally accepted system used to classify products, developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization. It is legally required that you have a 6-digit Harmonized System Code to ship a product internationally.

Estimated Duties and Taxes:

The country of manufacture influences the duties and taxes that will be levied against your international shipment.

Customs Documentation:

The details of your shipment will determine which customs documents are required to ship internationally.

Let us provide your Harmonized System Code, estimated shipping cost, and blank copies of your customs documentation.

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New to international shipping?

Use our International Shipping Guide to explore FedEx shipping services and find resources to help complete your international shipment.

International Shipping Guide
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7 tips for shipping internationally

Follow these seven tips to help streamline your international shipping, complete customs documentation, and ship your package.